The NTEU 2022 elections with be held by post. Ballots will be arriving in your mailbox from Wednesday, 10th of August, and the ballot closes 10am Monday 5th of September (by which time your ballot must have already reached the AEC, and so ideally you should send your ballot a week in advance). To check your NTEU official address go to:

We encourage you to support Rank-And-File Action in the upcoming elections by supporting our candidates:

Branch Committee Elections (All Staff):

Vote [1] to [8] for Ordinary Committee Members:
[1] Markela Panegyres,
[2] Dylan Griffiths,
[3] Dani Cotton,
[4] Cian Galea,
[5] Benjamin Miller,
[6] Luke Alexander,
[7] Matte Rochford, and
[8] Ben Graham

National Council Elections (All Staff)

Vote [1] to [5] for National Council:
[1] Riki Scanlan,
[2] Dylan Griffiths,
[3] Wanyi (Wendy) Xin,
[4] Matte Rochford, and
[5] Luke Alexander

With congratulations to RAFA members, Nick Riemer who has been elected unopposed as Branch President, and Dani Cotton who has been elected unopposed as National Councillor (Academic Staff).


It is vital that you use your preferences in this election. You must select at least nine ordinary members for branch committee, and at least five national councillors if you want the Australian Electoral Commission to count your vote.

We are recommending to Academic Staff that after voting for David Brophy for Vice-President that they give their second preference to Catherine Sutton-Brady. We are recommending that General Staff after voting for Dylan Griffiths for Vice-President, give their second preference to Jennifer Hutch-Hoogvliet. When you are voting for Ordinary committee members, we encourage voters to give their 9th preference to Catherine Sutton-Brady. When you are voting for National Council, we’re recommending that you preference Fahad Ali.

Please make your vote count by at minimum filling in the following boxes.