RAFA Endorsements

I have been inspired by [RAFA’s] clear activist vision, their inclusive political debates, their intellectual generosity, their thoughtful vision for a better, more just world and the diverse range of perspectives and life experience on the RAFA ticket; here is a group that brings the best of dynamic activist politics to the challenges that define our lives…

Sofie Loy-Wilson, History

I have seen close-at-hand who has been dedicated to our membership’s genuine needs, who was a little too eager to give into management bastardry, and who has a serious attitude to grassroots organising. Those years of service confirm in my mind that the hard work, considered strategies, and dedication of those on the RAFA ticket are worth supporting...

Chris Hartney, Studies in Religion

  • like me, RAFA want a unified NTEU focused on fighting the Manageriate, not each
  • they are determined not back down or make compromises in enterprise bargaining
  • like me, they are passionate, progressive unionists with a strong social justice agenda

Nikki Wedgwood, Health Sciences

Our university needs a militant and nonsectarian Left committed to upholding and improving our conditions. In the recent strike action, RAFA unionists led from the front to demand job security, fair pay and social justice… So vote RAFA in the upcoming elections to return proven champions of real change.

Coel Kirkby, Law School

“They’ve got the deep principles, dedication and nous to represent our branch successfully at multiple levels – particularly at this crucial time for university staff and students.”

Mark Riboldi, Sydney Policy Lab

I’m very happy indeed to endorse the RAFA ticket in the upcoming elections… this combination of a humane, practical vision for the University with active commitment to job security, fair pay, social justice and real democracy … This team has shown it can be effective and offers us goals worth fighting for.

Meaghan Morris, GCS

The RAFA team have a proven track record standing up for – and with – their colleagues in their work units and faculties, and campaigning for job security, Indigenous and Trans justice at work, and career pathways for all staff in the current EBA campaign.

Nick Tesoriero, Library Delegate

RAFA colleagues and supporters have helped this Singaporean, a cultural stranger to union organising, imagine and see what it means to build a good political life. I admire their collegiality, tactics, sense of fairness, leadership and their keen awareness and commitment to a broad vision of social justice beyond the university. 

Shawna Tang, GCS

The strength of our union comes from the rank-and-file membership and RAFA represents a commitment to member-driven activism for real change at our university.”

Ben Dharmendra, Business School

…they address the casualisation, the insecure work, the miserable pay for the precariously employed and they demand a more inclusive university. That they also stand for an extensive social justice program is the other reason I support RAFA because sexism, racism, ableism, homophobia, and justice for First Nations and the question of peace, not war, are all workers’ issues, and should be matters for unions to take up and campaign about.

Anne Picot, NTEU member 2002-2016

Vote for Dani for USyd branch committee. I have no doubt she will continue to be an amazing voice for trans rights and rank and file involvement – something desperately needed in the NTEU.

Annette Herrera, NTEU President, Melbourne Uni branch

A focus on organising for action and to win: that’s what I see from Nick, Markela and the rest of the Rank and File Action team.

Jonathan Strauss, James Cook University NTEU Branch President