Strike Resources

Please find below a list of union and RAFA resources for the upcoming actions in our strike campaign! There’s links to registration, the strike fund, NTEU Zoom backgrounds, posters and more.
Please do whatever you can; whether it’s helping leafletting, printing a poster, it makes a big difference!

All the posters are available on our poster page!

Strike Fund

Donate to the NTEU strike fund here, and share with friends, colleagues and family.

Casual and low income members can apply for assistance from the strike fund at this link.

Zoom Backgrounds

Joining Forms

Join the NTEU today, and invite a friend. You can join the union, the campaign, and the strike immediately after joining; just fill out a form and send it to

Regular NTEU Joining Form

Casual Joining Form

Unemployed Joining Form

Previous Actions

Help us recruit and build the strike by signing up to weekly stalls

48hr strike October 13th-14th

Download & print the strike poster here

And download the staff/student leaflet here.

See the Teaching Staff Guidance document here

NTEU Strike PowerPoint presentation

Help build the strike with weekly stalls or walkthroughs or leafletting.

Register for a picket line here.

The Sydney Uni NTEU voted to strike again in week 10, demanding:

  • a real pay rise,
  • serious casual rights (conversion rights, pay for all hours worked, sick pay, and mass job creation),
  • professional staff rights (internal staff rehiring, redeployment windows, and equal redundancy)
  • 40/40/20 academic workload protections.

After over 13 months of negotiations, we are still a long way from reaching a fair settlement for staff, and striking is our only way to send a strong message to management that the union is serious about winning a fair agreement.

We want to make this action as strong and serious as possible and are calling members to redouble their efforts in building the strike

Open Day 27/8/22

Sign up to the open day action here!

Come from 9am on Saturday and join our lively disruption of USYD’s open day, to get our message out of the reality of education and work quality at Sydney Uni.

August 17th Strike

Put up a poster: August 17 Strike Poster

Hand out a leaflet: August 17 Strike Leaflet

Chinese Leaflet: Students Join the Strike!

Explain to colleagues/students about the strike: August 17 Strike Presentation.

Help out leafletting in August.

Please sign up to a picket line, to join the pickets and make the strikes a success.