Wanyi (Wendy) Xin for National Council

I’ve been a member of the NTEU since I started working as a casual tutor in the Department of Philosophy in 2021. I’m actively involved in the union’s campaigns, especially the recent strikes. I participated in every stage of the strikes, from calling members about the protected action ballot, distributing leaflets on campus, having ongoing conversations to mobilise colleagues to join the strikes, to making picket signs, and being at the picket lines all day every day.  

I understand the fundamental importance of organising on the ground to achieving outcomes for all members. To this end, I organised a joint letter, with signatures from students and staff, to urge all staff in the Department to support the strikes. Along with student activists, I also organised a Philosophy Contingent to join the picket. 

As a firm believer in unionism, I have been a union member at every job I have worked at. Unionism has never been more important in the tertiary education sector. The working conditions for both casual and permanent staff at our universities are degrading, with the attack on the research-teaching balance, ever-increasing workloads, as well as the systematic issues of wage theft and exploitative casualisation. Against this, I believe collective action from union members is best way to address these issues and win improvements to wages and conditions throughout the tertiary education sector. If elected as a National Councillor, I will advocate for broad industrial actions to secure better working conditions for all workers in the sector and help to build a union that is democratically driven by members. 

I recognise the issues faced by workers in tertiary education are largely shared by workers in other sectors. The interests of all workers in this country are under attack with a lack of real pay increases against the rising cost of living. I believe we should stand in solidarity with workers in other sectors, including teachers and nurses, who are taking action for better pay and working conditions. I also recognise that workplace injustices are connected to broader social issues, including wealth inequality, sexism, ableism, and environmental injustices. If elected as a National Councillor, I will recognise and actively support these fights, promoting ongoing conversations on issues which have thus far received far too little attention.   

I am running to be a National Councillor for the NTEU to help us to win vital improvements to our pay and conditions across the tertiary education sector. I firmly believe that building solidarity across the union movement in other sectors and highlighting broader social issues is imperative to ensuring that we can address the systemic workplace issues that we deal with on a daily basis. 

Vote [1] Dylan Griffiths for National Councillor (General Staff)

Vote [1] to [6] for National Council:
[1] Riki Scanlan,
[2] Dani Cotton,
[3] Dylan Griffiths,
[4] Wanyi (Wendy) Xin,
[5] Matte Rochford, and
[6] Luke Alexander

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