Endorsement: Nikki Wedgwood

Health Sciences, NTEU member since 2002

I am voting for RAFA in the upcoming NTEU election because:

  • they have stood with me on the picket line in our fight for better working conditions;
  • they are clearly committed to increasing our membership in order to create a formidable rank and file movement;
  • they have given me and other rank and file members a greater say in how the NTEU represents us, so are already in the process of expanding member engagement;
  • like me, RAFA want a unified NTEU focused on fighting the Manageriate, not each other;
  • they are determined not back down or make compromises in enterprise bargaining;
  • they share my vision of a more collegial university run by the workers, not the Manageriate;
  • I like that their team is broadly representative of USyd’s workforce, with a mix of students, professionals and academics employed as casuals, continuing and fixed term staff;
  • like me, they are passionate, progressive unionists with a strong social justice agenda.

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