Endorsement: Chris Hartney

Senior Lecturer, Studies of Religion

When the FASS departments of Studies in Religion and Performance Studies were threatened with closure last year my colleagues, Nick Riemer, Dani Cotton, Matte Rochford, leading a hell of a lot of other NTEU members, stood up with me in defiance of these insane closures. They did all they could to fight the false economic arguments that were trying to put me and my colleagues out of our departments and our jobs. This is why I am thrilled and delighted to support them and my other dedicated colleagues running for the Rank and File Action Ticket (RAFA) in the coming Sydney Branch elections.

Unlike a majority of NTEU members at Sydney, I have had the privilege of serving on Branch Committee on and off over the last five years. Through that experience I have seen close-at-hand who has been dedicated to our membership’s genuine needs, who was a little too eager to give into management bastardry, and who has a serious attitude to grassroots organising. Those years of service confirm in my mind that the hard work, considered strategies, and dedication of those on the RAFA ticket are worth supporting. Colleagues, take seriously the opportunity you have to vote in the coming Branch elections and please consider joining me in supporting the RAFA ticket. Our jobs and our workplace conditions will depend on it.

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